TOM E GUN offers a Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship and will repair or replace free of charge, any Firearm manufactured by TOM E GUN. Any installs (upgrades or not factory parts) must be installed by a Certified Gunsmith or by TOM E GUN or the warranty will be considered Null and Void. This warranty does not cover damage to the Firearm because of or host to Firearm resulting in whole or in part from criminal or negligent use, improper or careless handling, modifications, defective, improper hand-loaded or Reloaded ammunition, or neglect. This warranty does not cover damage to the firearm due to not correct ammo, or any form or kind of reloaded ammunition.



We do offer a build by build payment option with the total of at least 30% down of the total price of firearm that is a none refundable one time payment if you op-out of a build. Please keep all receipts.


Gunsmithing can take longer then the provided time we project it will be completed and we will contact you if there is any delays.