Care and Safety

CAUTION- It is important to remember that TOM E GUN firearms are just as dangerous as other firearms and can cause serious injury. Always use safe handling techniques and always use eye and hearing protection when handling a Firearm.

CARE- Excess oil, dirt, and other contaminants should be wiped from the outside and inside surfaces using a cloth.The most common problem encountered with firearms is carbon build up. We highly recommend using only FROG LUBE products on all TOM E GUN firearms. The best way to prevent carbon build up and corrosion is to use FROG LUBE SOLVENT to clean the internals using cleaning brushes (nylon or brass) and brass cleaning rods.  We recommend brass slotted tips for patch’s and brass brushes to clean the entire firearm including the barrel. After gun is completely clean, then apply small amounts of FROG LUBE CLP or FROG LUBE CLP PASTE on all metal parts to prevent corrosion and to aid in protecting against carbon build up when shooting. This helps to properly lubricate all parts as well.