About Us

  • TOM E GUN is veteran owned and operated CLASS 3 gun manufacturing company that specializes in tactical precision rifles, shotguns, and handguns. We are a dealer for over 150 different company’s and sell all of the major brands of handguns, rifles, shotguns, bows, crossbows, ammo, hunting and fishing, and tactical accessories/supplies.
  • We take pride in producing AR15s and SBR, offering AR15s in just about any caliber. 458 SOCOM, 223, 556, 762/39, 6.8 spec, 300 blackout, 9mm, and also Crossbow.
  • We offer custom bolt action competition rifles fluted in 10 different options. We have threaded barrels in different calibers. Ask we can build it. Hand built M1 Garand CMP match or restoration guns you pick year and make or modifications to your M1 Garand, M1A Custom build from the ground up for competition, ultimate sniper rifle.
  • We manufacture AR10s in the 308 or the 762/51. Tactical shotguns will be offered along with competition Glocks and 1911s.
  • We are a Certified Class 3 Dealer and offering suppressors in 18 different companies such as YHM, Spikes Tactical, Silence-CO Gemtech, Surfire. AAC, SWR, Huntertown Arms, and Liberty.
  • We will transfer at a low cost compared to our competitors.
  • We offer a full Certified Master Gunsmith shop.
  • We can do custom work even up to restoring a firearm back to its original firing condition.

Customer service is our number one goal.

Mike Winterberg: – Owner